Divas of Sheba: Inaugural Women's Mission to Israel


During the inaugural “Divas of Sheba” Women’s Mission to Israel, 21 participants were granted coveted and direct access to some of Sheba’s top physicians and researchers, both personal settings and in respected lecture halls.

Sheba doctors shared the latest advances in cardiology, cancer treatments, fertility, mental health, gastroenterology, neonatology, neuroscience, gynecology, oncology, nutrition, endocrinology, oncology immunology therapy, urology, hydrotherapy and beyond, and participants had the unique opportunity to ask any and all questions.

Off Sheba's campus, the Divas of Sheba socialized with the female physicians who traveled with the group through the grottoes of Rosh HaNikra, the alleyways of Neve Tzedek, a Druze village, kibbutz tours and the Carmel market. Together with more than 1,100 other Sheba supporters, the mission participants celebrated Sheba’s recognition by Newsweek at a beautiful garden gala. And at the conclusion of the trip, the Divas of Sheba returned home as knowledgeable and passionate ambassadors of Sheba’s visionary achievements and plans for the future.