30th Anniversary of the Azrieli Foundation

The Azrieli Foundation proudly supports Canadian Friends of Sheba Medical Center as we partner with Sheba in three very important arenas - research into Fragile X, future training endeavors with the Israel Center for Medical Simulation (MSR) and the new, innovative cardiovascular tower - Israel's first comprehensive stroke center.


An amazing donor of Sheba, the Azrieli Foundation has been funding institutions as well as operating programs in Israel and Canada since 1989. Driven by a strong belief in the powerful role and responsibility of philanthropy, the foundation empowers and assists tens of thousands of people by supporting a broad range of organizations, facilitating innovative outcomes and increasing knowledge and understanding in the search for practical and novel solutions.

Canadian Friends of Sheba wishes the
Azrieli Foundation a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

In celebration of their 30th anniversary, and with great respect for the work that their grantees have done, the Azrieli Foundation presents 30 of their stories.